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B Corps use market tools to create public goods

B entrepreneurs seek to create viable companies that offer solutions to social and/or environmental problems. They are aware that profits are needed to maintain and grow a business, but they are not willing to generate these profits at any cost.

While the value and success of business in our economy is based traditionally in short-term economic gain; B Corps’ business model and decision-making rely on four fundamental areas: governance, workers, community, and environment.

B Corps contribute towards the solution of different challenges. For example, B Corps seek the inclusion of excluded groups, create more equitable, horizontal companies, prioritize the restoration of degraded ecosystems, the decrease, reuse, and recycling of waste, promote healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle, or add value to local cultures and products.


B Corps Business Model*

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*A profitable business model is created around the company’s purpose. The company’s actions are considered in four different areas, aligned to both the company’s purpose and business model: governance, workers, community, and environment.

** These areas are assessed in the certification process.

Am I a B entrepreneur? Do I have a B Corp?

B Corps are not defined by the company’s size, turnover, or sector. B Corps are committed to generate positive changes, while considering their consumers, employees, community, shareholders, and environment in the impact of their decisions.

What’s the motivation/purpose of your business?

If your idea of business goes beyond mere financial results, and involves the solution of social or environmental problems, you are welcome to apply to B Corp certification. B Corps are certified to meet rigorous standards of performance. The process aims to identify potential improvement areas and opportunities for the company to act as a positive agent of change, protecting our mission and enhancing a positive triple impact. B Lab, a United States-based non-profit organization, issues the certification.