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Benefits and opportunities for B Corps

Being a B Corp means the commitment to demonstrate that companies can be agents of change and contribute to the solution of major social and environmental problems. B Corps have the conviction that they are the best FOR the world and that’s why they protect their mission and meet the standards in order to eligible for certification.

Being a B Corp means demonstrating that it is possible to aim at economic, social and environmental impacts (triple impact) at the same time and committing to continuous, legal and long-term improvement.

B Corps are part of a global movement.

B Corps ALSO enjoy very good opportunities and benefits. We invite you to take advantage of them to the fullest:


Si tienes algún beneficio u oportunidad para las Empresas B puedes ponerte en contacto con el encargado de Sistema B en tu país o enviar un mail a:

1. Continuous improvement:

The B Corp certification is a tool for continuous improvement. It is an educational, free and flexible tool.

How to use it: HERE you can enter in your assessment and start designing a plan of improvements (exclusive benefit for certified B Corps)

2. Publicity and positioning:

There are increasingly more publicity spaces for B Corps in the media and at events. We invite you to become an active ambassador.

HERE you can download the B Corp Brand kit (exclusive benefit for B Corps)

HERE you can watch videos about B Corps and HERE you get to know the latest relevant news that came out in the press.

You will also find further educational material on B Corps on the following websites:, and


3. Continuous learning and interchange activities:

B Movement activities

Sistema B and B Corps are always organizing activities for the B Community: learning, conversation and networking sessions.

How to participate: Click HERE to view the schedule of activities in your country.

e-learning B LEADERS program

If you want to learn more about what it means to be a B Corp, how to manage the process of continuous improvement and get to know inspiring cases, we invite you to participate in the e-learning B Leaders program ($120).

How to apply: Registration is done on the e-learning leaders website You can also visit the website to obtain the necessary information.


4. Talent attraction: 

There’s an increasing number of people who prefer to work in companies with a purpose, such as B Corps.

According to a study carried out by the Harvard Business Review, millennials (Generation Y), who correspond to approximately 50% of the workforce, are looking for jobs associated with a higher purpose.

B Corps represent a great opportunity to connect with those who seek higher meaning at work. Click HERE to learn more.


5. B Corps are more resilient:

According to international studies, strategic practices, that is, those which form an integral part of the business, contribute to increase resilience in case of serious crises.

There is evidence that companies that implement strategic social and environmental practices suffer fewer losses. In other words, their results are more stable and they bounce back faster, which reflects their flexibility in case of strong changes in the economic scenario. Click HERE to learn more.

6. Sales to other companies (B to B):

According to our research, 53% of B Corps sell their products or services to other B Corps, and 75% of such products and services were generated after these companies were certified. Furthermore, 53% declare that being a B Corp has helped them get new customers or suppliers that are not B Corps.


If you want to offer your products or services, we invite you to create your business profile for B Hive, a platform that provides the opportunity of fast connection with B Corps worldwide. On B Hive you will find information about B Corps, events and also a place to offer your products and services and find offers by other B Corps.

How to use it: click HERE (exclusive benefit for certified B Corps) to access B Hive




Benefit: To promote your company on a network that has over 50,000 organizations. This platform validates operations and gives you good opportunities of strategic promotion and many times of doing business with large enterprises. There are also additional DHL and Google benefits for Latin American companies.

How to sign up: In order to participate, you must register on the Connect Americas website and meet some (legal and administrative) information disclosure requirements so that the platform can check your operations and analyze if their information standards have been satisfied.

7. Sales to consumers (B to C): 

We have different sales channels with benefits for B Corps that reach conscious consumers directly.


Provides uninterrupted publicity and sales training for B Corps. Additionally, B Corps earning up to US$500,000 a year have a 30% discount to sell on platform and use Mercado Pago.

How to use it: Please contact Sistema B offices directly in each country.

Countries where this benefit applies: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia.