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Board of Directors


Ricardo Glass

President of Sistema B Brazil. Former economist, restless and eternally seeking a life worth living. Yoga practitioner and bothered by hegemonic thinking, since the ends do not justify the means. Founder of Okena, a company that wants to show that it is possible to do business in a different way. “Nobody has to be perfect to inspire someone. Allow people to find inspiration in how you deal with your imperfections.” Also directs Instituto Capitalismo Consciente, Instituto Arredonar Institute and Institute Samuel Klein.

Natalia Castan Xavier Augusto

Founding partner of Grupo Unite, a company that for 16 years has supported the development of education in Brazil. It is the only call center in the country and in the American continent with a B certification. A metanoic leader who turns business into a way to raise awareness of workers, customers and partners. Passionate about what she does, she is always studying new business methodologies that may suit the contemporary reality and bring true emancipation to people. And she does all that without giving up a project that is even more special: her family! Wife, mother of Paulo and Isabela, she knows that love is the greatest source of energy and inspiration for her achievements. (NO)

Camila Abigail de Almeida Salvador Storti

Has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UFU-MG and a graduate degree in Environmental Law and Sustainable Development from UNB-DF. Consultant in sustainable businesses since 2006 at ABISSAL – Capitalismo Saudável (Healthy Capitalism), a company in the Brazilian state of Goiás. Has followed and helped the B Movement since 2013.

Daniela Lerário

A biologist who crossed the Pacific ocean looking for tsunami waste. Is proud to be part of TriCiclos, with which she implements a change of culture towards a world without waste. She likes the wind on her face and enjoys the adventures of being a mother. (NO)

Ronaldo Stabile

Participates in Sistema B Brazil’s Tax Board. An economist and an industrialist with 35 years of experience in the industrial area manufacturing and recycling industrial rigid and flexible packagings. Founder and director of Reciclagem Urbana, a social and environmental company in the segment of remanufacturing and recycling electronic products.

Marianne Costa

Participates in Sistema B Brazil’s Statutory Audit Committee. Social entrepreneur, co-founder of Raízes Desenvolvimento Sustentável, founder of Vivejar, has 11 years of experience in public and private projects of local development, tourism and partnerships. Has a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and specializes in social innovation and management of social projects.

Paulo Antônio Skaf Filho

Founding partner of Combio Energía S.A., a B Corp that promotes burning renewable biomass instead of fossil fuels. Has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado. Participates in Sistema B Brazil’s Statutory Audit Committee as a substitute member.

The Executive Team

Marcel Fukayama

Co-founder and Executive Director. Social entrepreneur. Co-founder of Din4mo and RAPS civic entrepreneur. Engaged in initiatives of the new economy and education. His goal is to use the power of the market to solve social problems. Has a master’s degree in Public Administration from LSE. One of the leaders of the global movement of B Corps in South America and his name appears in Forbes do Brasil’s list of people under 30.

Tomás de Lara

Co-manager at Sistema B Brazil and Rio+B. Co-founder of Goma, an association for the collaboration of social entrepreneurs, professor in social innovation courses in various countries, social business network weaver, counselor to Coca Cola Brazil Institute and co-founder of Global Shapers’ hubs in Porto Alegre and Rio de Janeiro.

Camila Matos

Coordinator of the program Measure What Matters. Has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Universidade Estadual Paulista and another in Environmental Management from Senac. Started her career at Aspen Institute of Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs Chapter Brazil, where she participated in the creation of events and projects for the impact Investment sector and the promotion of local social entrepreneurship. Also worked with ESG risks and opportunities with a focus on impact and participated in the development of an online platform.

Pedro Augusto

B Certification Facilitator. Has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from USP and since August 2014 has been involved with the social entrepreneurship ecosystem in Brazil. Works for Sistema B because he believes that companies are responsible for creating a better world.

Tatiana Mendizabal

Has a bachelor’s degree in Communications and took a graduate course in Cultural Management. Worked for 11 years in the world of communications, from 2011-2014 she undertook a Spanish initiative in Brazil, while she got closer to the new economy and the businesses that aim at using their power to change the world.

Aline Souza

B Legal Group facilitator volunteer. Lawyer with experience in regulatory administrative law, competition law, third sector and ‘two and a half’ sector. Has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC/SP) and a LLM in Corporate Law from Insper. Leading researcher of the State and Civil Society Project at the FGV Direito SP Coordination of Applied Legal Research. Author of the book ‘Social enterprises: a corporate approach’. Created Sistema B’s Legal Group. Was a consultant to UNESCO and served the federal government as advisor to the Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, where she helped draw up and implement the agenda for the Civil Society Organisations Regulatory Framework.

Rodrigo Diz

Does volunteer work for Sistema B Brazil. Check his LinkedIn profile here:

Giuliana Guidara

Does volunteer work for Sistema B Brazil. Check her LinkedIn profile here:

Strategic Partners

We understand the redefinition of success in the economy and in society as a collective effort, as a shared dream. Therefore, we would like to thank all organizations, companies and people who are our strategic partners.

Our special thanks to:

B Communities

To achieve a systemic change in the economy, it is necessary to generate connections among the main players. Sistema B acknowledges these strategic references as protagonists in the Communities: meetings for reflection, dialogue, value acquisition and building of collective agendas (that go far beyond the personal ones) comprising people who share the same passion.

This section will always be modified, since there’s a variation in the objectives of each community, meetings periodicity and local realities of each country.

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B Legal Group

Expansion Group

Río+B Community

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