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Complaints on B Corps

Complaints Procedure

B Lab takes complaints from the community very seriously. Maintaining the credibility and rigor of the B Corp Certification is paramount to B Lab. This effort includes verifying assessment responses through our documentation process, conducting random onsite reviews for 10% of the B Corp Community every year, and investigating specific, credible, material allegations of wrongdoing from the broader public.

Typically there are two types of complaints that B Lab reviews:

–  Complaints alleging intentional misrepresentation of a social or environmental practice as reported in the B Impact Assessment.
–  Material, credible, and specific allegations that indicates a breach of our community’s principles of transparency and accountability and the core values as expressed in the B Corporation Declaration of Interdependence.

Please follow the instructions below to file a complaint.

Resolution of Complaints

An investigation of the complaint is conducted by B Lab Staff, the results of the investigation are presented to B Lab’s Standard’s Advisory Council (the “SAC”). The SAC is an independent governing body that oversees the performance standards of the B Corp certification.

Complaints are typically resolved in the following three ways:

–  Certification revoked
–  Probation with required, specific remedies
–  Certification upheld

The resolution of the complaint may be appealed by the company directly to B Lab’s Independent Board of Directors. The resolution of such appeal by the Independent Board of Directors is binding.

To File a Complaint

Please email

Please be sure to include your name, contact information, and details on the nature of your complaint.