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Businessmen Leaders and B Corps:

Companies and businessmen want more and more to be transparent and measure their social and environmental impacts.

What are B Corps?

All B Corps measure their social and environmental impact and commit, in a personal, institutional and legal manner, to make decisions considering the consequences of their actions in the long term in the community and the environment. They assume with responsibility and pride that they belong to this global movement of companies that want to make change using the power of the business to solve social and environmental problems.

This new type of business increases the fiduciary duty of its shareholders and managers in their bylaws by including long-term non-financial interests, fulfilling the commitment to improve its social and environmental impact continuously, and operating with high performance and transparency standards.

The B Corp wants to be the best company FOR the world, not only OF the world.

How to evaluate a B Corp:

Certified companies are NOT perfect, but they commit to continuous improvement and put their corporate purpose in the core of its business model. The actions of the company are considered in four areas: Governance, Workers, Environment and Community.

This certification is a thorough review of all the areas of your company. Its purpose is to identify all possible improvement areas and the opportunities for the company to be an agent of change in the economy in protecting the mission and potentiating the positive triple impact.

The certification is granted by B Lab, a non-profit organization of the United States.

The B Corp:

  1. Commits to creating a positive in society and the environment: Purpose
  2. Increases the fiduciary duty of shareholders and managers by including non-financial interests: Change of bylaws
  3. Commits to operating with high management and transparency standards: Certification
  4. Is part of a Community: Declaration of Interdependence

I want to become a B Corp


7 steps to become B

Pending B Corp

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Why become a B Corp

Multinationals and public companies

More and more multinationals and public companies are interested in collaborating with the B Corp movement. This is good news: we need a movement in which all companies are included, regardless of size. However, some institutional and practical barriers are hampering multinationals and public companies in obtaining the B Corp certification and B Lab in evaluating their performance in a significant manner.

B Lab and these companies have committed to creating standards and a certification process that is both manageable and meaningful. To achieve this, in September 2015 B Lab announced the creation of a Multinationals and Public Market Advisory Council (MPMAC) that will work until 2017 to facilitate the path towards the B Corp certification for multinational and listed companies.

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“Camino B” Program


This is a personalized program that helps companies understand their social and environmental impact and find out their improvement opportunities via the B Impact Assessment.

In this program Sistema B and its partners make this corporate diagnosis process easier by optimizing the time and the rigor in measuring their impact in order to lead the company into becoming a power of change towards a new, more human, and sustainable economy.

For starters, we invite you to connect Sistema B in your country.