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B Corps Benefits

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Protect Your Mission

Firstly, your statutes should be modified. For those who need legal counsel, this service is available free of charge through our partnership with Fundación Pro Bono.

For further information on changing statutes click here 


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Improving as B Corps

Sistema B seeks to support our B Corps to improve as companies, with the challenge of redefining success in business. To this end, B Corps have access to the B Impact Assessment, a meaningful management tool. The B Impact Assessment reaches different areas of your company: business model, workers, community, governance and environment. In addition to the B Impact Assessment, each company will receive a Path of Improvement: a personalized document depending on the company’s certification that advices the company on how to improve their practices, according to the B Impact Assessment.   

B Workshop (Ch): Sistema B has created workshops for the company’s team to become acquainted with B Corps’ ideals. Each workshop is designed based on the company’s needs.

B Talks (Ch): (Think Tanks?) These talks are an opportunity to reflect on topics that are of our B Corps’ interest. The meetings are periodical. The attendance requires previous registration.

Communities of Support (Ch): Groups of support that reflect on B Corps topics of interest. Currently, there are four active groups. For further information click here

B Better Practices: How to improve practices in B Corps in order to create value for all of their stakeholders.

Access to Clients and Markets: How to promote B Corps’ access to new clients.

Impact Investment: How to promote financing and investment opportunities for B Corps.

Communications and Media: How to generate press and make B Corps visible in mass media.

In addition, B Corps can receive personalized counseling through:

– International interns (Moving Worlds)

– Acceleration programs (Mujeres Empresarias, Technoserve y Agora Partnership)

– Mentorships 1 on 1 with 20% discount (Red de Mentores)




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All B Corps have access to GIIRS Rating: the most important agency and analytics platform for impact investors. For further information click here

Also, B Corps have access to a series of benefits through our Online Resources (soon in Spanish and Portuguese).

To request access, please contact eloisa@sistemab.org








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Generate press

Sistema B is constantly working to make sure B Corps have the recognition they deserve in the media, as well as in forums and seminars. In addition, we organize meetings with opinion leaders, politicians, and entrepreneurs.

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Saving money 

B Corps have access to a series of benefits through our Online Resources (soon in Spanish and Portuguese). To request access, please contact eloisa@sistemab.org

B Corps can make significant savings, through the access to the following partnerships:

· Mentorships (Red de Mentores)

· Free legal counseling (Fundación Pro Bono)

· Professional interns (Moving Worlds)

· Management software (Salesforce)

· Inclusive work: Proyecto B promotes initiatives for employment of people recently released from prison.

Also, B Corps offer great benefits to the community:

Route 2 Green: 15% discount on all cleaning products and food for B Corps.

Pegas con Sentido: 20 % discount in professional selection processes for all B Corps.

ClanEco: Strategic communication partner, not only from the media but also in massive events. 30% discount on advertising spaces for B Corps.

Needo: 35% discount for all B Corps in consulting and workshops on digital communication, the responsible use of social networks, how to reconcile work and family, and sustainable practices for home and business.

For further information click here



















proyecto b




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Communities of Support

Building Community

We are very pleased with our B Corp Communities of Support! They were created according to B Corps main needs, in order to promote collaboration in areas of mutual affinity according to performance, experience, interests, and more!

Check out the summary of our first and second meetings through each of the four Communities of Support and learn what’s next.

•          B Corps

•          B Community

•          B the Change

•          The Global Movement

•          B in the Media

•          Learn more







[/tabs]Contact: Eloisa Silva eloisa@sistemab.org