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Board of Directors

Claudia Martínez

Executive director at E3-Ecologia, Economia e Ética. Over 25 years of experience in environmental management. Was social and environmental development vice-president and director at CAF’s Sustainable Development Office, Colombia’s assistant minister for the environment, environmental officer for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP)’s Latin American Bureau in New York. Has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and a master’s degree in Environmental Studies and another in Development Economics from Yale University. Member of the board of directors at CIFOR (International Forestry Center), Tropenbos International, CATIE (Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Education) and Yale’s Environmental Leadership Council. Teaches in the MBA and in the master’s in Environmental Management at Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia. Participated in several groups dedicated to changing environmental perceptions, such as Rio Conference, the United Nations Millennium Goals, the creation of financial environmental safeguards, national environmental policies and various other interest groups.

Camilo Jaramillo

Chairs the board of Sistema B Colombia. Has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Boston, USA. Worked as a designer of machines for semiconductors in Boston and later took a specialization course at the International Institute of Solar Energy in Colorado, USA. Founder and current general manager of Hybrytec S.A.S., a Colombian B Corp that has projected installed and commercialized photovoltaic and thermal solar energy systems, with offices in Bogota and Medellin, and provided turn-key services across the country to clients in the public and private sectors since 2007. From 2008 to 2011 Hybrytec attracted the investment of two venture capital funds, European and Colombian, one of which has already successfully exited the company in 2014.

Nicolás Cock Duque

Manager, entrepreneur, innovator and leader who has participated in the conception and execution of several companies, organizations, programs, products and projects related to biodiversity, biotechnology and green businesses. Has contributed to the first export in Colombia’s history of new sustainable goods and technological products with high added value, including innovative biodiversity solutions to the agricultural, cosmetic and home care industries as well as green (ecological) gold and platinum. He’s both the co-founder and manager of said initiatives.
Co-founder of EcoFlora Agro, EcoFlora Cares, My Ecohome SAS, PB Naidí SAS, Association for Responsible Mining (ARM), Biointropic, Asobiocol, Fundación Amigos del Chocó and Programa Oro Verde, a pioneer in the world of responsible mining.
Has been awarded several prizes, such as Premio Colombiano a la Innovación Tecnológica INNOVA (a Colombian award for technological innovation), Union For Ethical Biotrade Global Award on Innovation 2010, Unreasonable Goals Entrepreneur 2017, and Emprendedor Endeavor since 2007.

Bernardo Rodríguez Ossa

Has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá and a master’s (LLM) degree in International Business Law from London School of Economics and Political Science in London.

Has been a partner at Parra Rodríguez Abogados since 1991, in charge of the following areas: financial law, mergers & acquisitions, and aviation. Has participated in such actions as the subway financing in Medellin, the acquisition of Cerrejón, Carrefour’s establishment in Colombia, and the financing of most part of Avianca’s fleet in Colombia.

Ángela María Camacho

Has a bachelor’s degree in Law from Universidad Externado de Colombia, where she took a graduate course in Telecommunications Law. As vice-president of Reputation and Public Affairs, she is the engine behind Newlink’s development of strategic solutions. During her career, she has created and directed diversity and inclusion initiatives and programs of corporate social responsibility in Latin America. She specializes in corporate and regulatory affairs and has an extensive career as a leader and agent of change in such multinational companies as Shell, British Petroleum, AT&T and Microsoft, where she headed the organization of legal and corporate affairs for Latin America and the Caribbean. Her passions are people, learning, and giving from the heart.

The Executive Team

Juan Camilo Potes

Executive director of Sistema B Colombia. Has a bachelor’s degree in Social Communication from Universidad de la Sabana and a master’s degree in Development Management from Universidad de los Andes.
He has more than 14 years of experience in integral management of social and development investment projects, having worked in international cooperation together with the Colombian government in search for integral solutions for the socioeconomic restoration of vulnerable populations in situations of conflict and post-conflict. He has also been a consultant for private companies in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and community relations, and for the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Camilo Ramirez

Sistema B Colombia’s development director. Before that, led the project evaluation process, the financial risk coverage and the preparation of estimates in several companies in the Latin American oil & gas sector. At the same time supported several enterprises of high social and/or environmental impact. Has a bachelor’s degree and a specialization in Finance from Universidad de Los Andes and is currently taking a master’s in Marketing Direction at Escola de Estudos Superiores em Administração (CESA).

Strategic Partners

We understand the redefinition of success in the economy and in society as a collective effort, as a shared dream. Therefore, we would like to thank all organizations, companies and people who are our strategic partners.

Our special thanks to:


B Communities

To achieve a systemic change in the economy, it is necessary to generate connections among the main players. Sistema B acknowledges these strategic references as protagonists in the Communities: meetings for reflection, dialogue, value acquisition and building of collective agendas (that go far beyond the personal ones) comprising people who share the same passion.

This section will always be modified, since there’s a variation in the objectives of each community, meetings periodicity and local realities of each country.


B Leaders Community

We need to empower the people who want to be change agents in their companies or who want to provide consulting services or make up their networks of influence so that these companies find their purpose, evaluate their business and increase their positive social and environmental impact. That’s why we have created a community of B Leaders. Today over 100 people in Bogota, Medellin and Cali have committed to spreading the B message.

B Lawyers Community

In Colombia we have 10 lawyers assisting in the BIC (Benefit and Collective Interest) Companies bill and providing legal support to Sistema B Colombia.